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Immediate dentures cost after teeth extraction or dental implants insertion

Immediate dentures are full or partial denture placed on the same day, immediately after teeth extraction or implants placement. The scope of same day dentures is to avoid patients to leave the dental office without teeth in their mouth (edentulous).

Immediate dentures after teeth extraction

Let’s say, for instance, you still have a few natural teeth in your mouth but they are very damaged and cannot support a partial denture. Your dentist has to remove them leaving you without any teeth in your mouth. It may be very impressive either by the psychological and practical point of view. In this condition it is impossible  to talk well and it is even harder to eat because you cannot chew at all. Your self-esteem will suffer a lot and your diet will be very poor.

Immediate dentures to be worn following the teeth extraction are the solution. In other words, your dentist will prepare the temporary prosthesis before removal. That’s why these appliances are called “immediate dentures”.

Same day dentures after implants surgery

If you want to replace your missing teeth with implants and a fixed prosthesis, the dentist has to remove your few damaged natural elements first.

Immediately after the removal procedure each implant is placed in your jawbone. At this stage titan screws can have enough stability so the non-removable denture is loaded immediately. What if you have to wait for the osseointegration period which is 3 to 6 months ? You cannot live six long months without any teeth !

Here is where same day dentures come into account. First of all, the dentist takes your dental impression, the technician creates a cast model in order to prepare an immediate denture that can be worn as soon as the surgical procedure ends.

Immediate denture advantages

  • The patient will never see himself/herself completely edentulous (it can be a shock by the psychological point of view);
  • Chewing and talking functionalities are immediately restored;
  • An immediate denture can protect the gum tissue and may reduce bleeding;
  • Usually after the extraction of teeth, there may experiece some swelling. By placing your denture at the same day of extraction, the swelling can be minimized. Please remember that you have to wear the prosthesis for 3 days after surgery. If you remove it the swelling increases keeping you from wearing the denture again until the swelling subsides.

All these advantages make worth the price you will pay.

Disadvantages of an immediate denture

  • During the next 2 or 3 months after the denture delivery, your gums are not completely recovered. You may feel some discomfort chewing that’s why dentists always recommend to avoid hard food;
  • In the period following the extraction your gums recede, the jawbone reabsorbs and the dental prosthesis doesn’t fit as accurately as the first days. The dentist can solve this problem by relining the prosthesis using a temporary reline soft material. The denture relining procedure involves additional appointments. That’s why immediate dentures cost is not so affordable as the traditional dentures price is.

 Immediate dentures cost and insurance coverage

As for many other dental appliances, there are several factors that may affect immediate dentures cost. The construction of this type of prosthesis requires you to undergo a few trials before the extractions sitting at the dental office.

In addition you will require follow-up visits for adjustments and re-fitting during the healing process. This will increase the final cost of your immediate appliance.

Statistics say that Immediate dentures cost is about 15-20% more expensive than standard dentures.

So how much is a same day denture ? Well, the price will start from about $1,450.

Does my dental insurance cover the price for an immediate dental prosthesis ?

It depend on which dental insurance you have. If your plan includes major services and prosthetics then a part of the cost for your immediates will be covered. You also have to pay attention to the annual maximums and plan restrictions.

Since teeth extraction is part of the therapy, the insurance may split up the coverage amount.


What about immediate denture relining ? Is it also covered ? Your dental insurance may cover this service but after a variable period of time from delivery. Not always your needs match insurance plan rules.

So, what is the reline price ?
There are two types of reline or rebase:

  1. At the dental office (chairside)
    which is $250 to $400
  2. At the dental laboratory
    which is $350 – $490

How is getting an immediate denture ?

The fabrication procedure of this type of dental prosthesis may vary depending on how many teeth have to be extracted and in which position. Let’s say you need a complete appliance. The dentist will extract your back teeth first and leave six to 8 weeks for healing.  This allows extraction areas to heal and a better-fitting immediate complete denture. Leaving you your natural front teeth you will have less mastication problems and still your appearance.

The next step involves: impressions, bite registration and tooth color and shape selection.

Starting from the dental impression, the laboratory will prepare a cast model of your jaw and gums on which the denture will be shaped.

When everything is ready your dentist calls you to set a new appointment. An oral surgery proceeds with teeth extractions and, immediately after you’ll get the dental prosthesis insertion.


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  1. I thought it was neat that with immediate dentures the patient will never see himself or herself with no teeth which can be shocking. Personally, I have a neighbor who has some serious teeth problems and might have to get dentures. We’ll definitely have to look more into same day dentures.

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